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Dongzheng (HSM) Spring Machinery Co., Ltd. is an over 20 years professional spring machine manufacturer. We have many products, including: HS-CNC50 Wire Rotatable CNC Spring Machine, HS-CNC40 Camless Wire Rotatable CNC Spring Machine, HS-CNC25 Camless CNC Spring Machine, HS-CNC50/HS-CNC40/HS-CNC20 CNC Spring Machine, HS-CNC30/HS-CNC8 Spring Compression Machine, HS-CNC2D Wire Bending Machine, HS-CNC10 Engine Spring Specialize Machine, also including HSK-90KG/HSK-150KG/HSK-300KG Auto Wire Feeding Machine


About US

All products are developed by us, all reducer part has using unique mechanical design which we have obtained patent for it. Streamlined production and technology ensure that every machine part is guaranteed and wins brand reputation for us. Some parts are imported from German, Japan and Taiwan. The machine adopts practical design, it greatly shortens the debugging and installation time, also reduces the difficulty of debugging. Slide use special material and technology, it gives slide good rigidity, strong abrasion resistance, stable movement and long service life. CNC can be easily operated, it come with user friendly interface, also has features like healthy auto detection and warning.

Our Company located in world’s famous international manufacturing city (Dongguan), with beautiful environment and convenient transportation. and we also build a second factory  in Jiangxi to satisfy customer's needs(Photo showed below). We will try our best to reach the rapidly growing market demand and working closely with our clients to helping each other to achieve win win. Welcome to have a tea. We are looking forward to seeing you!

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