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HSM-CNC40 Cam Spring forming Machine
produce wire size between 1.8-4.5mm

Machine will help you produce what you needed


Variously product could be produced

Dongzheng 40 CNC universal machine, referred to as 40 spring forming machine, can be used to produce flat wires, steel wires, iron wires and other products with wire diameters of 1.8-4.5mm. Commonly used products include various springs, battery springs, and touch springs. , special-shaped springs, single and double torsion springs, tension springs, scroll springs, circlip springs, snake springs, various types of clips, auto parts, mobile phone accessories, handicrafts, etc. The product has a wide range of applications.


HSM-CNC40 Spring machine wire feeding part


HSM-CNC40 Cam Spring Machine

About our spring forming machine

HSM-40 spring forming machine is 1 meter long and 12.20 wide meters, 19.1 meters high and weighs about 2000kg. The machine adopts double-panel mode, and the power input of the machine is 380V 50HZ. The machine is equipped with 3 axes, a 4.5kw motor used in the wire feeding part, a 4.5kw motor used to control the cam rotation, and a 1kw motor used to control the core rotation. The fastest wire feeding speed is 110 meters per minute, and the cam has a maximum The rotation speed is 80 rpm. The machine can be used with probes and cylinders. Each machine is equipped with a 300kg automatic wire feeding machine for online use. Each machine is equipped with a CNC computer to control the operation of the equipment. The computer can write different programs to produce different products. The programs can be stored for next use. The computer can calculate the production quantity, production speed, remaining production time, etc. data.


Thanks to our clients treasurable suggestion. Our spring forming machine has been widely praised in the market after continuous optimization of technology and process. And we will keeping improving our products.  High product precision, stability, high wire feeding precision, durability are the most popular features in our product

Cam Motor
Cam Rotation Speed
Cam Setting Volue(degree)
+-0.1 ~ 359.9 (unit: degree)
Power AC
380V 50HZ
Total Weight
Wire Feed Motor
Wire Feeding speed(mm)
Wire Outside Diameter
Wire Size
Z-axis Motor
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