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HS-500 Wire Decoiler/wire feeding machine for spring machine

Spring machine intro:

  • we use Taiwan imported computer control system and Japan imported Sanyo servo motor.

  • computer are chinese and english interface, simple operation, accurate positioning, easy debugging. The computer can control three to ten servo motors, all motors can be synchronized or run separately.

  • can produce poor product production, such as non-qualified items can be automatically shut down.

  • According to the work on the computer screen, you can fix X, Y, Z parameters at any time.

  • mechanical has automatic lubricating oil design to ensure that the equipment can running for a long time, easy to wear, extend the service life of the machine.

  • When line is empty, broken or wrapped, line feeding machine will automatically stop, the machine has automactically acceleration function, thats make production much effective.

  • Applicable to the production of double torsion spring, straight spring, pagoda spring, tension spring, rectangular spring, wire forming, steel coil spring, and all kinds of fancy spring, complex difficult spring

  • to provide installation and technical guidance.

  • responsible for the of the machine debugging.

  • Responsible for the on-site training and maintenance training for the buyer.

  • long-term technical advisory services.

  • after warranty, we are responsible for life-time technical support and supply equipment parts and wearing parts.

  • During the warranty period, after receiving the buyer's problem notification, we will deal with it within 48 hours.

  • equipment warranty period of one year, the warranty period, the normal use of equipment failure, the supplier is responsible for sending people to the scene to solve, if you need to replace parts, the cost required by the supplier responsible (except for man-made damage) Warranty period only charge a fee, life-long maintenance.

“DongZheng” Spring Machine feature and advantage:

  • The machine mandrel adopts standardized design and installation, which is simple and fast, which greatly shortens the debugging and installation time of the tool holder mold, reduces the strength of the adjustment machine and further shortens the whole machine debugging time and reduces the threshold of debugging technology.

  • It has the advantages of traditional 8 station machinery and has both manipulators. It can freely illuminate up and down, and it is easy to produce various difficult springs, which is easier, faster and more accurate.

  • It adopts imported servo motor and has accurate running accuracy.

  • The high standard rail design allows each arm to maintain high precision and high stability, reducing equipment maintenance costs.

  • The new connecting rod adjustment design is convenient and quick to debug. The outer guide rail has good rigidity and stable position, no collision machine and heating phenomenon.

220V 50HZ
Motor Watt
Panel Diameter
Max Load Capacity

HS-500 wire feeding machine


  • Wire feeding machine



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